Sunday, February 28, 2010

Punch Dub Love

I don't mean to do it but it seems like I have the knack for scaring my MEF to death on a recurring basis.  I really have good intentions, but I manage to scare her when ever I have good news.  I think she about had a heart attack before I asked her to be my maid of honor.  

I did it again this weekend.  We had plans for Saturday and we had made arrangements in advance to meet and ride together.  The general deal is that if she has Pearl - she drives.  If not, it's my turn.  Friday night, the plan was I was driving.  Saturday morning, she had a slight change in plans and was bringing Pearl to my side of the river.  She called my cell a couple of times and got no answer.  She left a voice mail and got no response.  When she pulled up in front of the house, everything was dark and quiet so she started to think something was wrong.

But everything was so right in the world.  I have decided that it isn't worth wearing a cell phone on my hip 24/7 anymore.  I guess I didn't hear the phone ringing in the kitchen.  We were home and everyone was actually up and moving about.  The only problem - well, it wasn't really a problem.

After years of battling with a car that I wasn't happy with, I decided to go out and look for something that was more - well - me.  I had my eye on one car in particular and Mr. Monkeygirl and I decided to test drive one Friday night.  I guess you could say the test drive was successful because we left the dealer well after 11 with a new car!

Here is my new sweet ride!  It is a 2010 Volkswagen CC.

I love this car!  It has too many cool features to mention here but it is definitely more my style.  Not to mention that it drives like a dream.

Coal loves to jump on cars to 'visit' the driver but he was warned repeatedly to stay away from my baby!  He also has a habit of greeting cars in the driveway by running in circles around the car as you are trying to drive up.  In my old car, I couldn't see him.  I'm not wild about this habit but I can definitely see him much better!!

I hope that I have many, many years of Punch Bud fun in my new car.  Not to be done by my MEF NV, her name is Luna.  I think it is an appropriate name for her since it is a full moon weekend!