Tuesday, August 24, 2010

M&M's go to Cali

OK, we didn't really go to Cali but little Miss M thought it was so far away that we had to be in California about 15-20 minutes into our trip!
We were only going about 30 miles from home, 
not the 1830 it would take to get to Disneyland!

What is better than ice cream on a warm summer night?

I am so in love with those blue eyes....

AYKM??  This is the "normal" face I get when I ask her to pose for me!!

Someone seems to be channeling Ed Grimley!!
(plus I love that he buttoned his shirt crooked!!)

I am happy to report that they received a "most excellent" behavior report for today!

These are not edited photos - this is straight out of the camera!
Complete darkness and a light up bucket make for interesting photos!

We had a blast at Civic Park tonight!