Friday, July 30, 2010

My Momma is Crazy!

I love my Mother-I really do-
but there are times that I think she is a little bit off her rocker!

Mom has always had a passion for sewing,  I don't think any big event in my life as a child ever included a store bought dress.  Graduations, proms, dances - 
all beautifully dressed in my Mother's wonderful creations.

Recently, she has been creating costumes for the local theatre groups.
Some shows are easy, some are not.
I have no idea the true number of hours she puts into the effort
but I'm pretty sure it is substantial.
I try to help when I can but I donated my sewing machines to her sweat shop -
plus I can barely sew a straight line with a ruler.
I generally get "elastic" duty.  I sew a little pocket for the elastic and thread it in.
That is about as far as I can be trusted when it comes to sewing!

The latest play she is costuming is The Producers.  
I helped make the jewelry for the Little old ladies and the girls in pearls.
I stitched some sausages onto a belt and sewed on some snaps.
Mom - she created about 300+ costume pieces - I feel like such a slacker!

Here are some shots from the first act of the final dress rehearsal.  
I wish I could have stayed for the second act!

Mom, you are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-L-Y talented and I am so proud to show off your work!
Love you!

The Girls with the Pearls - lovingly handsewn on!

I love the pigeons!

The dress really does look like the Chrysler Building!

Yes, it is a giant knitted g-string!

That is a lot of Little Old Ladies!

I can't wait to see the rest of the play!  
Break a leg!  I'm sure it will be wonderful!

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NV said...

Yes, your mama IS most assuredly SEW crazy ... but we love her many, many talents! (Some of which you clearly inherited but use in other ways.)