Monday, June 8, 2009

This one's for my Ma

I called my mom yesterday to apologize.  I thought about inviting her to the Barn party on Saturday, but I thought she would be bored hanging out with a bunch of high school jocks.  I was so wrong!

NV often writes about the great 8 - the group of friends that we met in high school and are still friends today.  One of the 8 also happens to be a cousin - not a direct cousin but we never cared.  Well, BCuz's baby graduated and she threw him a party this weekend.  Turns out that all of my Mom's cousins were in attendance.  

A few recognized me right away.  The dead give away - apparently I must look a lot like my Grandma because I heard over and over, "You look so much like Aunt Sally!" We chatted and caught up but I'm sure Mom would have much more to add to the conversation.  

So Mom, I'm sorry for not insisting you join us.  And here is a picture to let you know that we were all thinking about you!


NV said...

Awww .. that's so cute.

sewwhat? said...

I guess Photoshop will have to do, please Photoshop me into the picture! Loved the story, wish I could have been there!