Tuesday, June 2, 2009

OMG! I'm in Love!

I am NOT a domestic diva.  I don't like to cook or clean - I do it but it is way down in priority on my 'to do' list.  I groan whenever my SIL stops by because I worry that my house isn't clean enough for her standards.  She is one of those people who cleans constantly.  I clean when I have to or I know company is coming.

A little while back, my trusty vacuum that my parents bought me when I got my own place gave up the ghost.  I looked around and picked out one that I thought would work perfectly.  It seemed perfect - it was bagless, an auto retractable cord, and all kinds of on board attachments.  But I hated it from the very first time I used it.  It was heavy and even though you could turn off the carpet brush, I had to use the hose attachment to clean my hard floors (the dirt, dust and whatnot spit all over the place).  The hose attachment is too short so I am forced to hunch over while I clean the carpets in 3/4 of my house.  After I spent an hour or so Sunday hunched over, vacuuming the same surfaces over and over again, I decided that I was done with this one.

I have always been intrigued by the Dyson commercials and everyone I know who has one raves about them.  I wasn't sure I wanted to spend the cash on one but I did some research online and decided to bite the bullet.  Target had one in their ad this week - pretty much the regular price but they were throwing in a free battery powered hand-held vac.  I also had a nice gift card from Mom that was burning a hole in my pocket from the holidays.  Plus, the ball is cool and it's purple!

I opened the box tonight and started to vacuum.  I was impressed immediately because I could vacuum the hallways without using the hose attachment and it was picking up the dog fur with ease. Plus it weighs 10 lbs less than my other vacuum which is a huge difference.  And I didn't have to bend over at all to clean anything.  Yeah, no more aching backs just to clean the house! Then I tackled the rug in the family room.  It is a 5 x 7 rug and Mr. M and I were completely shocked when we looked at all the dust, dirt, dog hair and fibers in the canister.  Plus, the rug was visibly cleaner than it has been in months (even after I steam cleaned the rug!). Remember I just vacuumed within the last 36 hours.  I was on a roll!  

We have berber in our bedroom and I have never been happy with any vacuum we have ever had.  None seemed to pick up the dust along the edges of the room. None until now.  I could see the difference immediately.  I even vacuumed the valance in our bedroom with ease!

I should be slightly embarrassed by this but here is all the dirt that was picked up in about 15-20 minutes even though I just cleaned on Sunday night.  
Here is to many happy days of vacuuming.  Maybe I will be more motivated to clean now that I have something that works, doesn't kill my back and it kind of fun to use.


NV said...

Cool -- congrats! I'm not gonna tell the mother about it though until after the rest of the house projects are paid off. She's been clamoring for a new sweeper for a while now.

Glad to know this works so great.

Mama Martha said...

Looks pretty cool to me. I'd love to have a new one, but it's not in the budget now.

cd said...

I also am not a domestic diva concerned about dust and such, but I am addicted to my Dyson. I could rep or make a commercial for this product. I constantly find new ways to use it and a multitude of places to clean. With a Golden Doodle you can only imagine the dog hair, but it's no match for the Purple Genie. Long live the Dyson.

MonkeyGirl said...

NV - I highly recommend it- it does a serious number on pet hair with ease and it is compact enough for This D*mn House storage!

MM- Not sure it was in the budget but I had to do something. Not cleaning wasn't working for me!

CD - Maybe we could do infomercials together! I can't wait to figure out what else I can do with m little purple cutie!