Sunday, May 31, 2009

Upside Down and Inside out

Mother Nature kind of cooperated yesterday and it finally stopped raining about mid-morning but it was breezy all day.  Sounds like perfect weather right?  Sure, if you aren't trying to paint a huge concrete hole in the ground!

We finally got all the water out of the bottom of the pool but because of the morning showers, the concrete was too wet to start painting yet.  While we were letting the concrete dry out, we decided to go ahead and fix another issue we had with the pool.  We have fiberglass walls with tile imprinted at the top.  After many, many years, the bottom portion of the tile faded out from all the chlorine.  We had a couple of choices - 1) replace the walls (not in the budget this year) 2) repaint the tile by hand (no way I was tackling that tedious job) or 3) use a product called BorderLines to rejuvenate the tile surround.

I opted for the BorderLines because it was relatively cheap and sounded easy to install.  It is basically a giant sticker that covers the old tile.  Easy peasy - right?  Kind of.  It was really easy when the pool was empty to walk in and stick the new border on.  At least in the shallow end.  Unfortunately, about half of the pool is designed in such a way that I can't reach the border from the bottom.  My only option was to lay on the deck with my head upside down and try to line up 2 foot sections of sticky border.  I'm sure it was a comical sight to watch - me laying on the deck, legs all akimbo, half hanging in the pool, head completely upside down desperately trying to keep the lines straight!  Thank goodness no one was home when I was doing this part!  I was able to finish this in a couple of hours and I have to say that it looks so much better!

Mr. M and I debated about starting to paint or not.  Apparently the paint we are using must be activated and then only has a certain amount of time that it is usable.  We decided that darkness was going to be an issue, so we only opted for priming some sections that needed to be addressed so they could dry thoroughly before we began the real job of painting the pool.  

Today the weather looks glorious so I think we should be able to get our painting done.  I'm not sure how we are going to do some sections of the pool but we will come up with a way, we always do!  Wish us luck!!


Mama Martha said...

I believe all your sticker skills with Scrapbooking should have translated over. You do paint a funny picture, no pun intended!

MonkeyGirl said...

I kept thinking to myself that it was like applying giant design lines to a rounded, unsmooth surface! I guess all that scrap practice came in handy!