Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What time is it?

What on earth am I doing up at this hour of the morning?  And more importantly, why am I blogging about it?  

I am a notorious night owl and and absolute grump who is completely incoherent in the pre-dawn hours.  Just ask Mr. Monkeygirl who has to talk to me before he leaves for work - or my mother who for years had to get me out off bed for various reasons.  So it is kind of surprising that I'm up and moving at this fine hour of the morning.

Skaterboy has a "job" and needed some guidance this morning so I was forced to get my bee-hind out of bed.  I have a friend who's 80+ year old shouldn't be driving anymore.  However, the 80+ yr old insists on going to the doughnut shop daily to meet with his crew to hang out with his friends.  My friend had hired someone to be his chauffeur so no one had to worry about who was driving where.  The chauffeur is out of town, so Skaterboy is filling in as the sub.

You would think that if this is early for me, it would be way to early for a 18 yr old, but he jumped at the chance to take the job.  I guess money is a great motivating factor!  Skaterboy listened intently as I gave him the final instructions this morning and he took off - in my car.  He needs new tires desperately and he was nervous about driving someone he doesn't know around.  Oh yeah, and he is out of gas!  Wait - the phone is ringing.................................................

Skaterboy was lost.  Not his fault.  My friend told me the wrong street name.  It is in an area of town where every street has almost the same name  -blah Trails, blah Estate, blah get the picture.  A quick check of GoogleMaps got him back on the right path and he found it easily and was even early.  I'm intrigued to hear the rest of the story when he gets back.  I wonder if he will bring me a doughnut?


Mama Martha said...

Yeah for Skaterboy! Money is a great motivator.

NV said...

I was wondering what you were doing up at that hour. Sheesh!

Good that Skaterboy is doing the job thang!

MonkeyGirl said...

It isn't a lot of money but it it a total of 2 hours a day and it is easy-peasy rice and cheesy! Plus he is doing a good thing for a friend and keeping someone who shouldn't be driving off the road!