Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stop Raining on My Parade

My MEF, NV says that she doesn't care if it rains today or not because the mother got her outdoor painting done yesterday.  Well, I beg to differ with her.  I need it to stop raining for a couple of days!

We have some painting that needs to be done but we need a couple of days of dry weather to accomplish it.  Unlike NV and the mother, we can't move our painting project around if it starts to sprinkle.  And once we start we have to keep going.  You see, we need to paint our pool.

We have been working diligently on this for a couple of weeks.  We drained the sludgey water out when we took the cover off.  I spent and entire day in the empty pool with the power washer cleaning the dirt off the walls and the floor. And we drained the excess water. Mr. M acid washed the pool.  And we drained the pool. We applied the neutralizer and Mr. M power washed the pool a couple more times.  And we drained the pool.  Then it started to rain constantly.  And we drained the pool again.  Thursday night we drained the pool one more time in anticipation of being able to paint today.  We gave the pool a final wash down and drained the last of the water out in hopes that today would be the day.

Early this morning I woke up to the gentle pitter patter of raindrops on the roof.  Crud!!  Today was supposed to be dry!  We checked the pool this morning and guess what?  It needs to be drained again!

So NV, I am going to counteract your request and beg and plead for 3 days of dry weather so we can finally get this pool painted and then fill it with water so we can use it.  Please, I'm not asking for much!!

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NV said...

Don't worry. It's just a little reverse psychology -- and it appeared to work. (See, if I tell Mother Nature to just let it rain, she won't.)

I almost finished the ceiling, but I need to get outside, too, so I can cut trim and mow the yard. Crossing my fingers for both of us that the psych out of Mother Nature worked ...