Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The fine art of Procrastination

Ask anyone who knows me well. I am notorious for putting things off until the last minute. I get them done and everything is good, but I am really bad about stalling. I swear I'm going to change. I promise never to do it again. And yet, I find myself scrambling at the last minute to get something done.

The plates on my car expire on Friday. When I got the notice 2 months ago, I made a mental note to get right on the inspection and get it over with. Everytime I paid a bill or walked into my office, I told myself to make the appointment at the dealer near work. I put the coupons for that dealer in my purse weeks ago. I laid the coupons next to my phone at work for days. So when did I get my car inspected? I didn't. But it will be inspected on Friday. And the plates expire on Friday. And I am working all day on Friday. Hmmm, me thinks me might have a small problem....

Somehow I will try to get the car back from the shop, run over to the DMV, stand in line for hours and still make the deadline. If not, I guess I will be paying a late fee and running around on Saturday morning. Wish me luck!!

Update: I just figured out why I was putting this off for so long. Our great state decided to change the design of the plates. I absolutely despise the new design and think it is hideous. So deep down, psychologically, I am rebelling against some one's horrible idea of a great graphic design.


plumbelieve said...

I agree these new plates are not very appealing. In fact, they look like the kind of prints that appear on old ladies t-shirts with the cardinal birds on them.

Good luck.

Mama Martha said...

You know I procrastinated on renewing my plates for a loong time! And Mr MM is now in the same boat. I get the pleasure of standing in line for him tomorrow

NV said...

At least you guys GET plates! We only get them about once a decade or so. $78 each year for a sticker!

And while I didn't put off getting plates, I DID put off renewing my license until a few days beforehand. (It's because I hate the pictures tht invariably end up on them.)

MonkeyGirl said...

PB - Ohh, they are the design from the old lady shirts! Ugh, no wonder I hate them.

MM - True - Mr. M can attest to that one!

NV - you may pay more for stickers but you don't pay PP taxes on the vehicles you own!

sewwhat? said...

Hey, quit dissing the Old Ladies! What, you don't like bluebirds of happiness?