Saturday, October 17, 2009

Scrap Happens

I have a problem. I am a scrapbooker. That really isn't the problem, the problem is that I am a perfectionist. I love to use the creative side of my brain. It is a welcome relief from the day to day technical stuff I have to deal with at work. But, I put so much thought into what I do that I don't get much done in one outing.

Today, I was psyched to meet up with my friends and to have 8 whole hours to devote to something that I enjoy. I had a general plan on what I wanted to work on and thought I had everything together. I packed up all of my stuff in my MEF's baby Pearl and we headed off to crop. At the end of the day, I finished one - ONE - page. Granted, it is really cute but it isn't complicated. Argghh, this book is going to take me forever to finish. There is good news though, I think I have a plan for the entire book and I have what I need so it should go much faster now. Or sat least I can hope!

I took a challenge to finish 240 pages in 2009 and at this rate, I figure I have to finish about 200 pages in December to finish the challenge. I doubt I am going to make it but at least I have something to do on all those vacation days I still have accumulated for the rest of the year!


NV said...

That ... and get ready for Crop Camp! You and I both know that preparation and planning are KEY! So, now you should have all the motivation you need.

I had a WONDERFUL time yesterday. Thanks for being part of my play date. :-)

P.S.: What you aren't saying is how AWESOME your pages always turn out. You use more creativity in a few of your pages than I'm able to express in most of the pages in a book, COMBINED.

MonkeyGirl said...

Gee thanks! While I may have creativity in the few pages I produce, I think about the cost per page in my time and it floors me everytime!

sewwhat? said...

We all have our obsessions, yours is harmless, unless you want to calculate what it costs to create each page! Hope you enjoy it, that is what is important.