Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Decisions, decisions

Is this the one?

Or how about this one?

Another option?

My employer loves holding contests.  Build a kite, decorate an easter bonnet, carve a pumpkin.  All kinds of contests that you can enter to win a prize.  Most of the time, I read the notices and move on with my day.  But the latest contest caught my attention.  It is a photo contest!  

For the girl with 20,000+ photos, this should be easy-peasy, rice and cheesey, right? NOT!  The first criteria - the photo can NOT be of a person.  That does eliminate oodles of pics but still leaves me with too many 'favorites' to choose from.

These are some of my final picks that I have since eliminated from consideration.  I guess you could call this my Spring collection.  Stayed tuned for more options that I discarded and to see which one made the final cut.  Oh, and wish me luck - I really need to win this one to gvie me the boost of confidence that I need!


Mama Martha said...

I'm sure you will choose wisely and hope you do well.

NV said...

Good luck, MEF! (Says someone who JUST downloaded 173 shots from Take Your Rugrat to Work Day, with probably close that many more to come!)

You KNOW what my vote is. If you can top that, that's the one you should enter! (though I like the first shot in this post very much.) I took a building shot almost a year ago that I am just now SEEING for the first time that I am currently in love with.)

MonkeyGirl said...

Thanks for the votes of confidence! I have many more to post and will ultimately let everyone know what the end result was!

plumbelieve said...

You are a true talent!