Tuesday, August 24, 2010

M&M's go to Cali

OK, we didn't really go to Cali but little Miss M thought it was so far away that we had to be in California about 15-20 minutes into our trip!
We were only going about 30 miles from home, 
not the 1830 it would take to get to Disneyland!

What is better than ice cream on a warm summer night?

I am so in love with those blue eyes....

AYKM??  This is the "normal" face I get when I ask her to pose for me!!

Someone seems to be channeling Ed Grimley!!
(plus I love that he buttoned his shirt crooked!!)

I am happy to report that they received a "most excellent" behavior report for today!

These are not edited photos - this is straight out of the camera!
Complete darkness and a light up bucket make for interesting photos!

We had a blast at Civic Park tonight!


NV said...

They are both SOOOOOO flippin' adorable! And just when did they get THIS big????! Seems like they were Baby J's size five minutes ago. :-)

MonkeyGirl said...

I know - I can't believe they are both in school now! Their eyes melt my heart every time I see them looking up at me.

The State of Human Intelligence said...

lolwhat ?

Kate said...

her eyes are sooo big, and sooo beautifull!!!
The little 'garçon' seems funny LOL
please visit my blog, thaaaanks!