Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is the mother's birthday. There are so many things that a daughter could get for her mother as a gift to show how much she really cares.

One could purchase a cute outfit from the mother's favorite store. But one would need to guess at what is really the mother's taste. Although as I get older, I think our tastes are becoming more similar. Like today, the mother had on a cute pair of capris that are exactly the same as a pair I bought a few weeks ago. I guess the mother and I share the love of a good bargain and a keen fashion sense.

One could buy a fine piece of jewelry or craft one from the ever growing bead collection that is amassing in my craft room. But my mother can create the most exquisite bejeweled creation from her own collection. And she is much faster than I am at it! I have witnessed the creation of a new jeweled masterpiece in the few waking moments before work when she can't find just the right thing to wear with a particular outfit. How do you compete with that?

One could buy some fancy perfume or scented candles for their mother. However, my mother never has been one for fancy perfumes or foofy scented candles. She really is a practical mom. She doesn't need designer stuff - well, until I got her hooked on the lovelies at the Coach factory store - hey, a girl needs to have some addiction right? (ok, I know I have more than one - back off and no shoes will get hurt!!)

So what do you buy for the best mom in the whole entire world? You buy her the finest 20 pack of toilet paper that you can find to go along with her brand new toilets. Seriously! I am so lucky that my mom has an awesome sense of humor. First, she really did ask for toilet paper on her birthday list. Second, I am just crazy enough to purchase it for her! She got the biggest kick out of the gift but I think my poor uncle thought we had gone completely mad. I'm sure that will be a topic of conversation later in the week between the two.

Happy Birthday Mom - I hope you have may more years to enjoy your new toilets!


Mama Martha said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! She's a great one.

NV said...

Wow -- talk about easy to buy for. :-)

Happy birthday to the other "the mother."

sewwhat? said...

I loved the fact that you wrote about my most thoughtful, practical and hilarious birthday gift, but especially that you called me the best mom in the whole world. What else could a mother want? That was the best birthday gift!