Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wiped Out

I am so tired that I can barely form a coherent sentence today. I know I am a good friend, but this is taking it too far!

Last night I got to enjoy a quite evening at home with the house to myself. Mr. Monkeygirl was bowling and Skaterboy was off somewhere. I was able to clean up some things around the house, pay some bills, and watch whatever I wanted on TV without complaints. Life was good.

Then I went to bed. I know that we all have certain connections with our "bestest" friends that don't always make logical sense. Sometimes we just know when they need us. We feel their pain when they are hurting and share their joy when they are estatic. My BFF is going through physical therapy for a knee injury and for some unknown reason, I think I was channeling her pain last night. My knee was killing me last night. I couldn't get comfy. I tossed and turned. Finally, I gave up and headed for the couch so the boys (Mr. M and the pup) could sleep. A few Excederin and several hours later, I was finally comfortable enough to try to go to sleep. The problem, it was around 5:30 am.

Normal people would have just skipped the bed and moved on with their day. Not me, I went to bed and was just getting settled in when the Mr's alarms started going off. All told, I got about an hour of sleep interrupted every 15 minutes by an alarm. The funny thing, when I got out of bed, I stretched my leg and my ankle popped. It was instant relief. I guess something was out of alignment somewhere and I needed to stretch to get everything back in place.

Thankfully, my BFF doesn't have physical therapy tonight so I should get a good night's sleep tonight! Wish me luck!!