Tuesday, September 29, 2009


As much as I want to blame my recent yearning on my inner child, I think it is more likely the beginning of a mid-life crisis. Over the past few days, I have encountered various forms of loud, rumbling muscle cars. Some new, some are classics, but the ones that catch my attention all have one thing in common - these puppies *growl* when you step on the gas.

I guess my love affair with grumbling engines started years ago. My dad had a growling truck that you could hear blocks away. It sounded so cool when you stepped on the gas (not that he was a stompin' on the gas kind of driver). I loved borrowing the truck just because of the way it sounded!

I know that the noise just attracts more attention to yourself - which isn't always a good thing. But, yet I want one! I know that to be cool, the growler probably won't have 4 doors, which is kind of a necessity. But I still feel the need! I know that trunk space might not be the most important feature, still I might be willing to overlook that fact for the sheer noise factor!

Mr. Monkeygirl claims that if I buy a muscle car, I will be driving his truck. Of course my counter is "she who makes the car payments, wins!" I know this is impractical. I know there is nothing wrong with my current car. I know as soon as I drive it once in the ice and snow, I will regret it. I know I shouldn't even think about it.

But a girl can have a *growling* dream - right??


NV said...

Share the brain and repeat after me: CTS-V. Four doors and a Corvette under the hood. So tempting I could just die!

sewwhat? said...

Now, if I didn't already own a red sporty convertible, this would be the one for me! It is so cute, I followed one home the other day, and it was even cute from the back. Reminds me of my favorite race car, Lightning McQueen! You go girl! Practical, smactical!

Mama Martha said...

Sounds to me like MG is throwing all her scrapping stuff & NV to the curb! Settle down grandma, you're going to need those 4 doors.