Monday, November 23, 2009


The leaves have changed colors and have fallen from the trees. The Halloween decorations have been packed away and the Christmas lights are starting to pop-up all over the area. The warm weather is fading fast. Things are changing all over.

My blog is going to be under going a change soon too. After years of talking about it, I am finally going to try to do something with my love of photography. My recent photo shoot with my BFF and her daughter sealed the deal. Despite being nervous as h3ll, I got into it quickly and started to have fun with it. Having super models made it easier, but I was pleased with the overall results. And it seems like others were too. The word of the photo shoot spread around the office and I have already had several people approach me to take their photos as well.

So, I have been doing my homework - pricing, to have a website or not, model releases, to find studio space or not.... the list goes on and on. It is all a bit overwhelming when you try to take it all in, so I am going to take baby steps. My first "official" step is to redesign my blog around my photos and my quest to become the next Annie Leibovitz. Drop by every once in a while and see what is going on in my world.


NV said...

It's about time. GO FOR IT, girl!

Mama Martha said...

I am sooo EXCITED for you!! I'll have to contact you for a photo shoot, & possible play date, for Braidon. Also if you need models I could have you shoot Ryann, not literally but you know with the camera!

sewwhat? said...

You go girl, reinvent yourself and use your talents! Momma is so proud of you!

plumbelieve said...

I think this is a scathingly, brilliant idea! You have talent beyond compare and a heart that matches. I predict this will be a winner. Life is all about having fun...enjoy!