Sunday, November 22, 2009

Feeling Ducky

What a weekend! It was a long 3 day weekend for me so I was hoping to get all kinds of things accomplished. While I didn't manage to get my house sparkling Martha Stewart clean, that was a fantasy that will never happen anyway!

Friday's Accomplishments:
  • Steam clean the living room and dining room carpet. I wanted to do this for a long time and I always seem to get the living room done but never get to the dining room. I can't remember the last time we actual ate in the dining room but Coal's favorite spot to hang out is in front of the dining room window. He isn't a stinky dog, but you could definitely tell where he likes to hang out!
  • Steam clean the family room rug. With the unbelievably wet October we had, it was covered with dirty paw and foot prints. Thankfully, the pattern hides most of the offending marks!
  • Taxi service of my BIL. He had a doctor's appointment in the afternoon and I volunteered myself as his personal driver. Everything went great and his doctor took him off of his insulin shots and may end up taking him off the medication as well!
Saturday's accomplishments:
  • Hanging out with friends, chatting, laughing and planning for our annual escape in January. Oh, and we might actually crop a little too! I am working on a baby book for our granddaughter and the theme of the book is rubber duckies. I got a brilliant idea to create a Franken-duck (complete with stitches and a bolt in his neck!) and that spurred my creative juices! I also crafted a durkey (duck+turkey) and a pilgrim.
  • Deliver my MEF to her personal costume fitting. She had the greatest idea to dress as an elf for her annual holiday charity festivities and my momma agreed to craft her ensemble. She was amazed at how fast my mother sews - she took measurements in the morning before the crop and by the time we returned, she had finished the pants and had a partially finished jacket to try on. It is going to be so cute!
  • Mr. Monkeygirl took Coal to the kennel for a bath and a pedicure. He was so sweet smelling when he got home and looked dashing in his camouflage bandanna!
  • The most important thing we did was spend some quality time with our granddaughter. She was in a good mood and was awake and smiling for our visit. Of course we got some photos and snapped some pictures of her first bath in a kitchen sink! She is such a sweetheart despite the fact that she has a chest cold - poor baby.
Sunday's accomplishments:
  • Back to the duck grind stone! I was on a mission to finish the duck creations for the album today. I managed to create 8 tiny rein-ducks and ruddy the red-nosed rein duck, Santa duck in his sleigh, Frosty the snow-duck and his snow friend, cupid ducks, a lepra-duck and his luck friend, bu-duckies for Easter, may flower ducks, graduation ducks and patriotic ducks before I ran out steam.
All-in-all it was a good weekend and the next "weekend" will come quickly since I am only working one day this week! I promise to post pictures soon!