Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Firty-nine, Eighty

Attempting to pass the time on the way to gymnastics tonight, the M & M's decided to start counting as high as they could. Taking one number at a time, they started counting as high as they could.

. . ."Thirty-seven" rang out from the little man. His little sister answered back "firty-eight". "Thirty-nine" little dude confidently replied. "Eighty!" came the answer from the princess. Apparently 80 is her favorite number. A couple of weeks ago, I received a text message asking if I was free because the princess wanted to come over and stay only for "80 minutes". She got 80 pieces of candy for Halloween. Everything ends up being eighty with her.

As older siblings often do, her brother was frustrated with her obsession with the number 80 so he made her start counting all over again. They patiently took turns counting up one at a time. We got to a critical point - "seventy-niiiine" prompted the brother. We all held our breath waiting patiently for the princess to produce her favorite number. Silence. Finally, her little voice rang out - "Ninety"! Oh no, what happened to the most favorite number in princessland? We tried to get her to say it and she wasn't having anything to do with us. We finally gave up and told her the next number was eighty - her favorite number.

For the record, it takes counting to 200 to drive from my house to gymnastics. At least it passed the time without any arguments!


NV said...

That's TOO cute! And LOVE that Cancer child. She'll be changing her mind ... a lot. Roll with it. :-)

sewwhat? said...

Oh, that is what causes the "changing her mind" game! You're right, we're stuck with it! What a funny story!