Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wish me luck

Overall I have been pretty pleased with my photos. I am so proud of some of my shots and completely embarrassed by others. But I am probably my harshest critic.

This afternoon I am about to embark on my first photo shoot for someone who specifically asked me to take pictures for them. I am a nervous wreck. What if they don't like the pictures? What will I do if my camera doesn't work? What do I do if some tree branch ends up sticking out of their head? AACCKKK!!!

I know deep down it will be fine. They are really good friends so there isn't that stranger factor to deal with. I'm doing this for free (no, you will not pay me!) so that eliminates a lot of the pressure.

Ok, gotta run now - I will let you know how it turns out later!


sewwhat? said...

HOpe it turned out well. I'm sure it did! Hope to see the results.

NV said...

Yes, you are definitely your harshest critic. It will be great ... as always. :-)


Mama Martha said...

NV is right. I'm sure everything turned out great!