Sunday, March 29, 2009


Mr. Monkeygirl married me for a variety of reasons, but my domestic skills were not high on the list.  As the saying goes "I understand the concept of cooking and cleaning, but not how they apply to me."  Today, I did my best to earn my domestic diva badge.  

Dust bunnies quivered in my sight as I launched my attack. There are portions of my kitchen counter that saw the light of day for the first time in months.  In horror, I realized that I still had the Christmas table cloth on the dining room table. I could probably have pulled off a red table cloth for Valentines day, but the green felt Christmas trees were a dead give-away that I was a little behind. (Ooops, that reminds me that I still have hearts hanging on the front door.  Dang, I better get out the eggs before it's too late!)

Now, the bathrooms are shining and you can see yourself in the counter in my office. Heck, it was just a major improvement to even get to the point where you could see the counter top in my office!  Daylight can shine brightly inside now that some of the winter sludge and puppy nose prints have been wiped away from the glass doors.  

Of course, having a 65 lb puppy makes some cleaning chores a bit of a challenge. I can only wipe away nose prints for a matter of minutes before he decides that he wants to lick and smell the reflection of the puppy he sees in the glass.  Ninety seconds after I finish cleaning my white counter top in the kitchen (who ever installed the bright white, textured counter top in this house should be shot!), muddy paws prints were deposited to make sure I didn't forget he existed. How can you miss a huge black puppy rolling around under your feet?

It took me most of the day but I got the cleaning part of my diva badge but I steadfastly refuse to work on the cooking part.  Sorry, Mr. Monekygirl, looks like you are going to still be stuck in the kitchen!

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