Sunday, March 8, 2009

Living in a Dream World

Ever since I returned from my sabbatical in the tropics, I have been living in denial. I refuse to accept the fact that I live in the Midwest.  I refuse to accept the fact that it is early March and coats, gloves, socks and shoes are necessary at this time of year.

We boarded the plane wearing shorts and flip-flops.  Good thing because the security line was out the door and fortunately in the shade.  Our lay over in Miami was long but we had a few occasions to head outside while we waited.  It was warm and sunny and I was thankful that I didn't wear layers of clothing.  As we boarded our final flight of the day, the pilot (who sounded a little bit like Sam Elliot - yum!) announced "I hate to tell all of you who are barely dressed, the weather at your destination is overcast and 30 degrees...".  I was bound and determined to not care.  I relented and put on a pair of jeans before heading outside but I kept the flip-flops on despite the 29 degree weather.  Mr. Monkeygirl kept his shorts on all night even when we went out to celebrate a friends birthday at a local watering hole.

The past few days have been taunting me.  It has been sunny and warm.  If it wouldn't have been against company policy, I would have worn shorts to work on Friday.  Saturday was glorious - sunny and warm.  I tried to pretend I was still on a tropical isle. The sun felt wonderful on my exposed, sun-kissed skin.  Even this morning was surreal for this part of the world at this time of year.  If I closed my eyes and just listened, the wind rushing through the naked trees kind of sounds like crashing waves.  

This afternoon, my island fantasy is being tested.  A recent trip outside left me shivering in my shorts and tee.  I'm not sure how warm it was, but the temperature has dropped at least 10 degrees.  The wind has picked up and it feels like it is coming from the north.  So much for warm tropical-like breezes.  I guess I may have to break down and dress appropriately for the Midwest.  It was fun while it lasted!


NV said...

Yeah. Trying to get back in the groove myself and I didn't even leave the area! I noticed the same temp drop between 11 a.m. today and 5 p.m. tonight. Brrrr.

MonkeyGirl said...

I'm sure that we are all going to be very ill in a few days since the temp is going to go all over the place in the next couple of days!