Monday, March 2, 2009

Me and the Sea

It occurred to me
that I am happiest
when by the sea.

Deep water so clear,
a great way to relax
and enjoy a beer.

Sun or rain,
it doesn't matter
I can relax my brain.

Surf and sand,
I want to move
but I need a grand.

Island living is out of reach,
but I can wish
that someday I will live on a beach!


cd said...

Sr. Dennis and Sr. Sheila Marie would be proud.

NV said...

Trying AGAIN because Blogger apparently didn't like my comment ...

Laughing at CD's response (somehow I think the good sisters might frown on the beer though.) And, since it's almost diary like in its quality, I think the poem might appeal more to Sr. Blanche.

LOVE IT! Now we just have to hit Powerball so one of us can have a beach house somewhere, anywhere. Can you even imagine THAT party?!

MonkeyGirl said...

CD and NV - Sr. Sheila Marie would make me write it all over again claiming that she knows I could do better...and that would cause me to drink more beer!

MonkeyGirl said...

It just dawned on me that Vincent and Marie would be proud of the drinking while shooting a self-portrait as an art project. Man I need to go back to school!

plumbelieve said...

....tropical drink melting in your hand....I can only live vicariously through you.

I need a good old fashioned spring you got a gun and a is amazing what a little Long Island Tea can do for a girl's attitude.