Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Bunny Brought Wheels

The Easter Bunny made a stop at our house today.  Not for Skaterboy, he is sooo past that (kind of) but he stopped for the local niece and nephew.  EB left a note for the M&M's....
I stopped by and left you some Easter treats!  I hid them in the front yard for you to find.  Be sure to share with each other the goodies you find.  Have a great Easter!

They had so much fun finding the eggs, that were no so well hidden in the tulips and fountain grasses in the front yard.  They were so excited, running back and forth, looking for eggs whenever they could find them.  When their baskets were full, we headed around the back of the house.

I think all of the neighbors could hear their squeals of delight when they say what waited for them in the driveway - two brand new shiny bicycles.  M-boy has a cool silver and red bmx bike and M-girl has a Tinkerbell bike complete with flowers and music!  (I love 'em to death but the bikes were from Mommy - a late/early birthday present) 

They had to test them out right away which was a little bit of a challenge.  While we have a very large driveway, the 4 cars of our guests took up most of the flat spaces. A couple of the cars were parked alongside the house so the space for wobbling steering was limited. No amount of discussion would persuade them from their maiden voyage so we carefully navigated them between the cars and the house to the open road!

It started to sprinkle right around dinner time which was a blessing in disguise.  If it hadn't started to rain, we would have had to serve them dinner outside as they rode around in circles!

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