Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random Thoughts

  • Have you ever seen a 70 lb. dog pout?  Coal is giving me the cold shoulder.  He literally will sit down and turn his back to me.  Sweet talk gets me nowhere, in fact, he will turn his head away from me and stick his nose in the air.  You know the look, the "I'm mad at you and I'm going to pretend that you don't exist" look.  All because we installed an underground fence yesterday.  Someday he will understand that this will give him way more room to run and it will be a much better thing.  For now, I will have to put up with the pouting.
  • You should be careful what you put on the back window of your car - it might send the wrong message.  Or maybe I just have a twisted sense of humor.  While in KC, I was following a guy in a huge SUV who was obviously into hunting.  In one cycle of a light, I figured out that he liked to hunt ducks, pheasants, deer, turkey, and dogs.  I know that wasn't the message he was trying to convey, but the way he had the stickers arranged, it kind of looked that way.
  • STL to KC isn't very far apart and it is not really worth going through the airport shuffle, so I drove.  Company policy won't allow me to drive my own car so I rented a car.  I'm not a huge fan of rental cars - people like to drive the snot out of them and most of the time it shows.  I picked what I thought was the best looking car in the row and headed west.  This car was different from most.  I really liked this one and I want to own one of my own.  I'm not saying I'm going to buy one, well not yet!
  • Welcome back to the blogisphere, MonkeyMamma (aka Sewwhat?)!!!!  We missed you the last few weeks!  Your costumes look awesome.
  • I honestly have been thinking about starting a second blog (work related issues).  Does anyone out there have more than one blog  that they maintain and do you have any advice?  Or can you try to talk me out of this? (And to my boss who will read this, I'm not going to write about you but some of the challenges that I am facing trying to change "the process" that I stole the towels about!)


NV said...

I have a second blog -- allegedly. I only update it about once a quarter. It's hard to keep up with two. (Not advice or even meant to be discouraging; just an observation.)

Stole the towels? Stole towels? Seriously? And you know you have to say what kind of car. It has to have a trunk bigger than a oooler though. You know we're ruined now with that extra space.

MonkeyGirl said...

Thanks for the observation!

And I will never admit to the alleged stolen towels and do not worry, trunk space is always my number one concern these days!