Saturday, April 18, 2009

Here we go again

After our recent run in with ID10T salesmen trying to get our bathroom remodeling business, and since we "are not - nor will we ever be, professional bathroom renovators" (according to ID10T himself), we are going to attempt round 2.  I hope that this round goes much better than the last one.

At the same show that we found the ID10T's, we also talked to anther guy about out remodeling plans.  He said he worked out of his home and had been in business for 30+ years.  When I didn't hear from him right away, I kind of wrote him off.  But this afternoon, I got a call and we have an appointment set for a week or two out. Based on a short 5 minute call, I think this experience is going to be much better. 

As a follow-up to ID10T- Part 2:
I was relating my story to my friends over lunch on Friday, when my BFF asked, "What is ID10T's real name?"  I told her and she immediately started laughing.  Apparently, she has run into ID10T before.  He used to work for the huge local rip-off remodeler and they dealt with him there.  Then they decided to use someone different and apparently, he was working for them at the time.  She said that during their dealings with him, he continually took personal calls on his cell phone until she warned him that he needed to stop or they were done. Her sister also used ID10T's middle company and had similar bad experiences with him.  

So maybe ID10T's company is ok, but unfortunately, his crap-@ss attitude has turned me off forever to their business.

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