Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Monkeygirl!

Today is Mr. Monkeygirl's birthday.  He doesn't demand much from me and he could really care less if anyone even mentioned his birthday much less makes a big deal out of it.

In a complete rip-off of Ann, here are just some of the reasons why I love him more than he could ever know....
  • I understand the concept of cooking and cleaning, but not how they really apply to me.  And you are ok with that!
  • No matter how horrible your day was, you are always glad to see me and stops to give me a kiss before you do anything else - and I do mean anything!
  • I love the fact that even though you can practice it with the best of 'em, you can not say the word 'empathy'.  
  • I love the fact that our brains seem to work on the same wavelength more often than not - especially when it comes to what's for dinner.
  • While I love Coal, I think it is sweet that you make sure the dog isn't bothering me even though you might have to get up every 15 seconds to see what the beast theived, is barking at, or whatever other mischief he is currently up to.
  • It is amazing how quiet you can be in the mornings when you get up at the crack of dawn, you are so careful not to disturb sleeping beauty.  I try to be that quiet, but it always seems like I do something stupid to wake you up!
  • It makes me happy that you absolutely love my chocolate cake.  The suggestion for more frosting has made it even better than Grandma's original!
  • You overlook my freakish obsession with high heels and don't complain when they take over the entire closet floor.
  • You are so cool that you said it was ok for me to leave you on your birthday to go to some silly training class on the complete opposite side of the state.  I would have had a cow about that!
Love ya, Mr. M.  I will see you soon and promise to bake you your own cake really soon!

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Mama Martha said...

Happy Birthday Mr MG!