Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ID10T Part 2

Blogging about the Idiot Salesman the other day made me feel so much better.  I wasn't the only one who thought he was a big jerk and acted like a 4 year old who was told he couldn't have his toys.  I was even prepared to commit my experience in writing to the owner to make sure that he was at least aware of the way we were treated.

Earlier tonight my phone rang, and I immediately recognized the number.  I hesitantly answered the phone and it was my buddy K - the king of scheduling/confirming/rescheduling appointments.  K started off my saying that his records showed that newbie sales guy had been out to see us.  Uhm, no - we never saw newbie guy, I calmly replied.  K started to panic, because he knew I wasn't very happy about the whole rescheduling thing.  I explained that we didn't see newbie guy, instead ID10T sales guy came out to visit.  

K tried this whole spiel about their records indicated we didn't buy because of price and the owner wanted to "get in our area" and that they were willing to work with us on the numbers.  Ha!  I don't think K was expecting what he got next from me. I explained that under 'normal' circumstances I would have been happy to get his call and talk to him about this.  However, given the fact that ID10T guy basically told me I was stupid and that I wouldn't call him again, I'm not really sure I was comfortable dealing with them as a company.  K stuttered and stammered trying to get his bearings.  "Are you sure it was ID10T that was at your house?  I've rarely heard this kind of thing about him."  Yes, I was positive who was there and it wasn't the newbie.  I explained a little more about my conversation with ID10T and again explained that if ID10T was the head of the division and the trainer, I didn't have a lot of confidence that in what the rest of the employees were like.

K was furiously jotting down notes so he could talk to the owner or someone in the morning.  He wants to call back in about a month to see if we are past the strike issue and maybe they could earn our business then.  They can call me until the cows come home, I doubt they can change my mind unless they come up with some incredible deal (i.e. they pay me for the pleasure of remodeling my bathroom and not spreading their name all over the internet)!

I suspect that sometime tomorrow afternoon, my phone is going to ring again and I will see that all too familiar number once again.  I kind of hope it is ID10T calling personally - I have a few things I would LOVE to share with him!!


NV said...

Yeah! Kick his ass!
Way to go!

sewwhat? said...

I'm curious, from your other post, what exactly does a "professional bathroom buyer" look like? How many do you have to take part in before you qualify to be a professional? I think I've done 5 bathroom remodels/builds in my life, plus helped with a couple of kitchens. Does that count? Plus a full finished basement. I'm just wondering how much home remodeling you have to do to qualify as knowing what you need to know in this guys eyes.

sewwhat? said...

No, make that 6 bathrooms and 2 basements.