Sunday, December 7, 2008

Coal Updates

Coal had his first Vet visit on Friday and we found out a few new things.

  1. He is 18 weeks old.  That is good news because the Vet says we only have about one more month of the "bad" teething!  And he is about 2/3's of his adult weight now.  This means he will "only" end up about 60-65 pounds.
  2. Coal is definitely a mix - part Lab, part Pointer (ha! I was right!!) and part Hound Dog.  The Vet kept saying he thought he had hound in him and Coal finally decided to be vocal and the Hound Dog was confirmed!
  3. The poor puppy also has some sort of vicious looking worms.  The pictures looked disgusting and it sounded even worse but the Vet didn't seem to concerned.  A worm pill now and another treatment in 2 weeks and he should be good to go.
  4. Apparently we are bad dog parents and got a lesson in controlling our dog. The tips from the Vet are helping but I have to think that every puppy acts like a crazy dog when they get to smell a new human.  Whatever, Coal is getting better but he is a back talker.  If you tell him to stop doing something, he gets smart and lets us know that he is not happy with being corrected.


NV said...

Poor baby! I hope he gets better quick.

Have you thought about a puppy kindergarten class? While some of the things they taught like dealing with food and walking on a leash weren't much good for Ozzie (who never had those issues -- we just couldn't housebreak him) some of the big dogs in his class seemed to get more out of it.

MonkeyGirl said...

We are going to take him to some type of obedience training but he needs to be current on his shots first! Hopefully we will be up to date in 2 weeks.