Sunday, December 21, 2008


By know you all know me well enough to know that I am the world's biggest procrastinator.  I never start anything until the last minute and I usually finish up exactly when I am supposed to arrive somewhere.  So you will all be extremely surprised to hear this news.....drum roll please.........I am FINISHED with my Christmas shopping.

Yep, you heard me right, Ms. "I still have time" or "I don't start shopping until Winter" is officially finished with her shopping.  Ok, I have 2 small things to buy to fill in some missing pieces, but other than that I am DONE.  I even have the gifts bought for people I know I'm not going to see until after the holidays!  And you know what else, I even have everything wrapped!  I never start wrapping until about 10 pm on Christmas Eve and I end up staying up half of the night trying to finish up.  But this time, I am done.  I even have a "color coded/design system" so I can tell at a glance who the package is for.  Well at least I can tell between the children and the adults!!  Oh, do you want to hear something else disgusting?  I was inspired by a gift tag set I saw at the store last night and decided that I could make my own, so I custom made all of the gift tags (me loves me Cricut!).

Now that you have picked yourselves off the floor, do you want to hear more? Yesterday I decided to hand make by Christmas cards.  You heard me right, on the 19th of December, I decided to tackle a monstrous project with an impending deadline.  I not only hand stamped the design, but also water colored, paper pieced (without the Cricut :-o) and glittered up part of the design.  Sounds simple right?  Yeah, ask my friends and they will let you that this is typical behavior for me!  Considering that I started after 10 am on Saturday and the design requires 10 unique stamps where do you think I am at with this one?  Sounds like a project that I would still be working on by next Christmas, huh?  I am happy to report that I not only finished up the design but they are all signed, addressed, stamped AND mailed!  Even with dinner out and a shopping excursion yesterday afternoon (spent 50 minutes in the store - 5 minutes to get what I wanted and 45 minutes to check out), dinner out last night followed by another shopping excursion and a quick run to the store again today, I still had them finished before dinner.

So for a girl who started thinking about shopping about 96 hours ago, I think I did pretty good to be at this point.  In fact, the guys in my house keep asking me what's wrong because I have everything done and it isn't Christmas Eve yet!  I guess my recent encounters with Santa really put me in the mood.

Of course, the tree is still naked and the dust bunnies are threatening to take over still, but one step at a time!


NV said...

Throwing coat on floor at this moment to break my fall from chair ...WOW! I am so impressed that you surely can feel the glow wherever you are. :-)

Now, start getting ready for CROP CAMP!!!!

sewwhat? said...

No wonder I never heard from you after Friday night, you were in a frenzy of activity! Good for you!

MonkeyGirl said...

NV - You mean I have to plan ahead for Escape? That would send reality into a tail spin and the earth would stop spinning. I don't think mankind is ready for that kind of trauma!

Sewwhat?- I have been a busy, busy girl but I have everything finished!