Monday, December 8, 2008

Yeah! It's Shipped!!

I wish I could say that my package of my delight was some perfect Christmas present that I found online.  Nope, not that organized!  I am psyched because my DVD of Season 4 of LOST has been shipped.  I should get the package next Monday so I better get moving on the buying, decorating, baking, oh yeah, and work before then so I can camp out on the couch for 5 days to get my LOST fix!


NV said...

And before you set up camp, grab your photos and start sorting and deciding what you're going to work on next month ... it's not that far away!!!

MonkeyGirl said...

That is a problem...I have to concentrate completely when watching LOST. There are so many tiny twists and turns that you miss if you multi-task! But I promise to get moving soon!