Monday, October 20, 2008

Monkey Monday- Manny - 10.20.08

Now that the Red Sox are officially out of the playoffs, I guess I can post this week's monkey without any fear of being accused of cursing the playoff dreams.

I have to admit that I am not a huge baseball fan, but the playoffs can be exciting, especially when you are surrounded by fans of the game.  Cardinals fans are also not real fond of the Red Sox for some reason, but last year I found myself in the midst of the World Series frenzy in a way I never anticipated.  

I was at an annual conference that happened to be located just outside of Boston - during the series.  Now I also have to admit that I have a knack for "cursing" certain teams.  It seems that if I decide to root for a team by purchasing team gear, they immediately fall apart and start inventing new ways to suck at their given sport.  For example, our local hockey team started to get really hot.  They showed promise and looked like they could actually make it past the first round of the playoffs for a change.  They had depth and talent.  So what did I do to show my support, buy a sweater?  No that would have been too easy!  I got personalized hockey plates for my car boasting their upcoming Stanley Cup victory. Guess what, they completely fell apart.  I finally gave up on the plates after getting harassed everywhere I went for supporting a loser.

But I digress.  I wanted the Rockies to win the Series last year.  I wanted it so bad that I purchased a Boston Red Sox hat - and Manny.  Manny was just too cute with his punk rock hair style not to add to the monkey mix.  Besides, how often so you see souvenir baseball monkeys? So I made my purchases and hoped for the best. I guess the curse of the Bambino is finally over because in this case, it didn't work at all.  

And for the record, Manny is not named for the 2004 World Series MVP of the Boston Red Sox but rather the location that he came to become a part of my monkey family (Manchester, NH).

P.S. I also have to admit that I wear the baseball cap all of the time.  I love the way it fits and it is kind of funny to see people squirm uncomfortably at the store when they see a Red Sox hat!


sewwhat? said...

Thank heaven the Monkeys are back! No more lame excuses about forgetting the camera or such! You blog family (and real family) can just imagine the extent of the monkey collection that dwells in your office, but this gives us a small taste of the decor! And backstories to boot!

Ann said...

I so don't follow sports...but I must admit, I do like it when certain teams make it into the playoffs.

Tom Brady IS hot. There, I said it. Not even a Patriots fan.

MonkeyGirl said...

Sewwhat? - It is not your normal office decor for sure! I think that is why everyone likes hanging out in my office! Makes it tough to get work done somedays!

Ann- Tom Brady? eh, not so much. Too clean shaven for my tastes. Trent Green - now I could stare into those eyes for hours! And they are even better in person - although the Tequila may have clouded my judgement!