Thursday, October 2, 2008

We are out of Vodka

Mr. M: "Can I get you anything?"
Me:     "No, I think I'm good.  Why do you ask?"
Mr. M: "I'm thinking about a Bloody Mar....."
Me:    "Oh, me too!  I'd hate for you to drink alone." (jumping in before he can even finish the sentence)
A few minutes later, Mr. M reappears at my side with a glass of red deliciousness in his hand.
 Mr. M:  "It's a little thick but it's ok.  We are out of vodka"
 Me:      "What do ya' mean we're out of vodka?  There isn't alcohol in here?"

Suffice it to say, after this week, I need a drink.  It has been one of those weeks bad day/good day weeks.  For example:
  • Bad Side - I spilled soda inside my brand new designer purse.  I never have owned a designer handbag but I decided a month or so ago that I deserved one.  Good Side - I know know that I can use my purse an emergency canteen in a pinch.  It held every ounce of liquid.
  • Bad Side - Mr M fell down the final four basement steps the other night.  Unfortunately, he often heaves the laundry basket down the steps so I didn't think anything of the crash until I heard weird breathing noises from the kitchen.  Good Side - He is fine.  Just a little sore for a couple of days but no permanent injuries. 
  • Bad Side - A vital piece of data was never finalized for a project that is going live in 4 days.  I was livid when I found this out and I had to scramble to uncover as much info as I could in a couple of hours.  Good Side - I guess people do listen to me because they are actually going to do some more investigation tomorrow to make sure they don't totally F things up.
  • Bad Side - My work twin and I must completely sharing the brain this week.  For two days in a row, we have shown up to work in matching outfits.  Yesterday, we had on the exact same thing.  People already confuse us when we are on the phone together.  Now we would really confuse them if they saw us!  Good Side - It gave the gang in the office something to laugh about and it proves that we both have excellent tastes!
  • Bad Side - My Brain Sharing experiences have left me completely stupid. I had to go to the bank today to retrieve some important documents from the safe deposit box.  I found the keys and put them with my stuff.  I drove all the way to the bank and got all the way through the line before I realized, that I left the key to the box on the counter at home - doh!  So I had to make a trip home for the key and head back to the bank.  Good Side - Skaterboy has a new license and I got to work hours before I thought I would (thanks to his skater friend who happened to be going to the same place today, I didn't need to give up the car!!)
All of this means that it is practically Friday - YEAH!  Now I need to go so I can get a spoon to eat - er, I mean drink the rest of the night!


NV said...

Love the labels on this post!

And I'll apologize for hoggin' the brain. Been multi-taskin' big time so probably took more than my share. :-)

But as you so aptly point out, tomorrow IS Friday ...

Ann said...

It is just horrendous to be out of vodka with all that you've been through. I'm ready to FLY IN a bottle myself for chrissakes...