Monday, September 29, 2008

Monkey Monday- Emmie - 09.29.08

There once was a lovely little girl who lived over the river with her Mommy and Daddy.  She was a sweet little thing who loved to dance and play.  She was especially excellent at playing soccer, so she became know far and wide as SoccerMonkey.

One day SoccerMonkey had to make a trip with her Mommy to the place her Mommy worked at.  SoccerMonkey didn't really want to go but she loved her Mommy so she went along cheerfully.  Imagine her surprise when she got to Mommy's work and her Mommy showed her MonkeyGirl's office.  Why there were monkeys everywhere!  SoccerMonkey thought it was funny that a grown up would have all kinds of monkeys hanging around, but she still had fun that day.

When SoccerMonkey got home, she was still thinking of the monkeys.  She went quietly to her Mommy to ask her a question.  "Mommy?" she whispered in her Mommy's ear.  "Do you think MonkeyGirl would like another monkey?"  Her Mommy thought about it for a minute and asked her why she would ask such a question. "Well" SoccerMonkey started, "I have a monkey in my room and I think she would like to hang out and play with all of the other monkeys.  Would it be okay if I gave MonkeyGirl my monkey?"  Her Mommy thought it was a great idea.  

So this is the story of how my monkey family grew by one more monkey.  A very sweet (and darn cute, I might add) little girl gave up her monkey so that I could add on to my monkey family.  Of course, it doesn't hurt that Emmie has a face that only a mother could love!  Thanks SoccerMonkey, Emmie will always be one of my favorite monkey's because she was a gift from someone very special!


Sugar said...

Your monkey saw Wicked? I'm soooo soooo jealous! I have yet to see Wicked! If I don't go see it soon, I might as well just forget it. It'll be like going to see Cats at this point... darn monkey. Making me all jealous.

NV said...

Awwww. Cute story. Sweet kid.

MonkeyGirl said...

Sugar - Emmie did see Wicked and recommends that you go see it whenever you can. It was awesome - even from the nosebleed seats!

NV - thanks! She is a sweet kid!