Monday, September 1, 2008

Monkey Monday - 09.01.08

You give a monkey a simple task and sometimes they will succeed and sometimes they will fail miserably.  You might recall that last week, the monkeys were a little busy.

Since the Republican National Convention is a low-key affair due to the Hurricane, the monkeys were free this week.  They had all kinds of free time on their hands and they should have been able to accomplish the simple mission they had from last week.

You might recall my most excellent friend Nik complaining about being serenaded by twangy country music.  I sent the smartest monkey in the bunch, Timmy the Think Geek, on a secret mission. Timmy is a code monkey which may be insulting to some, but in the monkey world, a code monkey is as close to Einstein as you can get.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to cross the river to the residence across the road from This D*mn House.  Inside this house you will find a variety of country music CD's most likely from the Time Life collection.  These CD's must be destroyed in order to maintain peace and tranquility for all.  Should you, or any member of your team be caught, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.  This tape will self-destruct in five seconds.........kapow!

Disguised as a Mean Old Man, Timmy set off on his top secret mission.  No one heard from Timmy for days as he was maintaining radio silence in order to not blow his cover.  This morning, we found Timmy on the back porch napping after his long trip.  He was so proud of himself for completing his mission and bringing back the offending CD.  Unfortunately, I forgot that Code Monkey's don't know how to read very well.  Maybe next time, Nik, maybe next time!


NV said...

OK -- That's hilarious! And it's funny. While the Time Life collection of last week seems to have disappeared, yesterday's selection of Old Time Country Gospel ("Thank Gawd fer all tha flowwwwww-errrrrrs ...) almost set off a homicidal fit.

Sugar said...

LOL! I love the Code Monkey name. Yes, I believe they are ALL Einsteins!

Thanks for coming by my 365 project. Is it a bit daunting, but I now find myself finding great shots just about every where. Like how a kid can always find dirt... or a cookie... :)