Sunday, September 28, 2008


That sums up my weekend in one word.  Mr. Monkeygirl was off to the races this weekend with the boys and Skaterboy was chillin' with his crew so I had the whole house to myself.  You would think that I would get all kinds of crafty stuff done with nobody to interrupt my creative juices.  Wrong!

I couldn't get my mojo going this weekend and so I got very little accomplished.  I did manage to drag out my stash of beads and organized the whole lot.  I now know exactly what I have and can find what I'm looking for without poking through assorted bags and boxes.  Everything fit into one drawer so I was happy!  But after spending all of that time sorting and organizing, I was out of steam and inspiration. Browsing a few of my favorite catalogs for inspiration did nothing for me because everything I liked required another trip to the bead store and I don't really need more beads!

My only inspiration was in animated form.  I watched the Bee Movie and I kept eyeing Vanessa Bloome's necklace thinking "I could make that".  It took me until tonight to figure out I could Google search for the image so I could mimic it!  (By the way, I liked the movie - it was cute!  I realize that my title might be a little misleading!)

My other animated inspiration was Lego Batman.  I know I am supposed to me a grown woman but I want to play video games.  I sent Skaterboy on a late night rental run but no luck - they were all rented out.  So today I marched my adult self to the store and bought my own game.  I have gotten better, I stopped beating up Robin on accident and figured out how to get rid of Catwoman.  Too bad I have to work tomorrow or I could take on the Joker!

All in all it was a boring, uneventful weekend alone.  I'm glad Mr. M is back or I would have to find more video games to fill my time!


Sugar said...

You have an eye for jewelry, that's for sure! I didn't even notice it. I was just wanting her to push that floundering hair back out of her eyes. And I was just a bit too disturbed about the way an annoying bee was trying to get all sexy with a human. Weird movie.

Nice necklace, though. Not a total loss then?

MonkeyGirl said...

Sugar - I thought it was bizarre that she was all into the Bee. I'm pretty liberal but making a romantic dinner for an insect? - that's just too weird!