Friday, September 12, 2008

Revenge of the Bubble Boy

With all of the "excitement" going on in our area lately, I am happy to report on some mischief that makes me smile.  

The city we live in has been making some landscaping changes.  The latest craze - water fall/ponds.  In the last couple of months, two new impressive features have been added on the same street.  The first met with a huge amount of criticism as it was installed by the city at a rather hefty price tag (or so I've been told).  The second was installed just recently in front of a private business a couple of blocks down the street.  

Someone (I'm assuming kids) decided that the water fall needed some pizazz so they added soap to the water which created an enormous amount of bubbles.  I drove past it 3 times yesterday and each time, the pile of bubbles got larger!  It reminded me of the scene from Ghost Busters when they blow up the Stay Puff Marshmallow man!  They also added bubbles to the 3-tiered fountain on the corner.  The bottom 2/3's of the fountain disappeared in a cloud of billowy soap bubbles!  Notice how much larger the bubbles are in the second picture!

Sorry about the photo quality but they aren't half bad considering they were taken on cell phones without flashes from a moving car.

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NV said...

That top photo looks like a turtle wearing a beanie. Too funny!

Of all the things kids could do, I'd much prefer that they do stuff like this rather than holding people at gunpoint or