Monday, September 1, 2008

When Work was Fun

Since today is Labor Day - a day off for all working citizens - I decided to share a story of labor that has nothing to do with painting! Remember when work was fun? Neither do I!  But the other day, I was reminded that sometimes work can be fun.

My nephew and niece, M&M, were over the other day and we were playing in the back yard.  They were on a mission to find sticks.  They promised to be careful and to 'not poke your eyes out' with the assorted sticks we found on the ground.  The pickings were slim in the back and when M Boy kept trying to pull up the roots of my 25' Magnolia tree, I decided we needed a new hunting ground.

We have a huge oak tree in the front that loves to drop all kinds of 'toys' on the ground in various shapes and sizes.  We got a bucket to collect our treasures and headed off to the front yard.  They were in heaven!  I kept hearing "Look at what I found Aunt BonkeyGirl!" (M Girl can say M's but always replaces my name with a B - it's so cute!) After about 15 minutes, they had loaded up their bucket and were ready to head to the back to play.

When Mommy came to get them, she looked quizzically at the bucket full of sticks. My first response - slave labor!  Then I explained the mission to find stick toys and that I figured we could kill two birds with one stone.  They got the toys they wanted and I got some yard work done.  Do you think they would come back in the fall to pick up acorns?

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sewwhat? said...

M & M were at grandma's house yesterday, and asked if they could pick up sticks. Since I have a new house built on barren ground, there wasn't a stick to be had, except for the one that passes for a tree. But none on the ground, now I know why I was asked about sticks, they must have had a ball doing it!