Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Object of my obsession

I finally found them!  I have been searching for this particular pair of shoes for months!  I couldn't find them anywhere.  Endless searches of the Internet turned up nothing.  Local shoes stores - forget about it!  Trusty old eBay - not!

A chance comment finally landed me this pair of shoes.  Turns out my friend CA was able to track down one of the few remaining pairs in my size in Las Vegas.  Being the most awesome person ever, she also used her discount so I got an excellent deal too!  I owe her a humongous favor!

When Mr. Monkeygirl surprised me with the shoes tonight, I was so excited that I put them on immediately. I'm not sure that a sweaty t-shirt and gym shorts are the perfect outfit for the shoes but it did make Skaterboy laugh!  Now, it just needs to stop raining so I can wear them to work!


sewwhat? said...

They are so darling! I'm sure they look good even if you were wearing a garbage sack! Happy hoofing in them, hope the feet love them as much as the eyes do!

Ann said...

Frickin' GORGEOUS!!!!!!

MonkeyGirl said...

Thanks ladies! They are the coolest but they gave me a huge blister on one foot. Like I told Sewwhat? - they are definitely not airport shoes!