Saturday, September 27, 2008

Goodbye Butch

I just read the news that Paul Newman passed away.  I always thought he was cool (and kind of sexy).  I also think it was great that he did so many other things other than acting and didn't make a big deal about it.  Not only was he an award winning actor, but he was involved in racing and his own food line.  Instead of keeping his profits from Newman's Own, he donated those profits to charities and started a camp for kids.  You got to love him and he will be missed.


NV said...

Yeah, the mother came out and told me this morning. Very sad. Quintessential actor and respected humanitarian -- what a tremendous loss.

Your title made me think something else though (Butch being my dad.)

sewwhat? said...

For the SewWhat? generation, he was the essence of sexy man, those blue eyes burn right through you and heat you up big time. I was so sad to hear that he passed away.

Ann said...

RIP, blue eyes.

Aren't you struck by how much Redford looks like Brad Pitt? Wow.