Saturday, September 13, 2008

I've died and gone to Bead Heaven

Like any kid worth their salt, my only defense is she started it.  Monkey Mamma inspired me to take up yet another addictive hobby some time ago. Beading. It started out so innocently, she made some lovely creation then started showing me all of her precious gems.  I was impressed but not hooked - yet.  Then she uttered the fatal words - "It's so easy and I can do this while watching TV."  Uh-oh, I was doomed from that minute on.

I just got back from the local bead show. It was so cool. And so completely overwhelming. I got some stuff - nothing fancy but as one of my new friend's says "good filler beads".  I want to go back.  Monkey Mamma couldn't make it with me today but she wants to go tomorrow.  I think I need to go with her and chaperone!

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