Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bad News, Good News

Bad news - I already have an issue with my new office.  Last night while I was trying to catch up on my e-mail after being out of the office for 2 days.  I stopped to catch my breath and leaned back in my new desk chair when I heard a sickening crack.  I got up and looked at the chair only to discover that the base of the chair cracked on both sides where the back is attached.

I was not happy.  I have had these chairs for exactly one week.  They were not cheap either.  I could understand it if they were from the cheapo furniture store or if I was being crazy rough with them, but leaning back? I like nice things so that is why I bought them where I did. Fired up and ready to do battle, I headed for the phone. Drats, apparently I can only complain during business hours so I had to wait to call until today.

The good news? I was ready to fight and argue with furniture people but they were very nice.  They checked their stock and confirmed that they had a replacement and promised to hold it in my name.  Stupidly, I walked out of the house this morning with out the chair.  So I had to run home after to work to return it. Doesn't sound so bad until you realize that the furniture store is practically across the street from work.  Exchanging it was simple and after the third time, they are a lot easier to assemble.


NV said...

Cool! At least they gave you a new one. No coming to blows required.

Ty'sMommy said...

Oh, that just sucks! I hate dealing with issues like that (read my post from this morning) sounds like we're on the same page.
Compliments always help tho. I got one of those from an unexpected source about the class I taught wednesday. How cool is that?

MonkeyGirl said...

NV- They better have given me a new one or it was going to be a smack down between me and Brook!

Ty'smommy - We are sharing the brain aren't we. Good luck with the new shipment! And you are right, those compliments from left field are always the best!