Monday, January 26, 2009

I need your support!

I am starting a petition drive.  What we really need to stimulate the workforce is to institute adult snow days.  The weather here doesn't look promising for a good morning commute and many of the local schools have already cancelled classes for the morning.  

I am fortunate to be able to work from home and I will probably be exercising that option in the morning if white flaky stuff keeps falling from the sky.  But what I really want is a free day to lay around in my pj's watching stupid movies on TV or doing something crafty to kill time during the day.  So I am starting a petition drive to get people to lobby for adult snow days.  Kids get all excited and are more motivated after a unexpected day off so why not adults?  We deserve to have some fun too!

So feel free to add you vote by posting a comment.  The more the merrier!  And if you are the superstitious type, wear your pj's inside out and sleep with a spoon under your pillow.  It worked for Skaterboy last year and he isn't taking chances tonight and is praying for a day off tomorrow!


NV said...

I'm definitely with you on this one! Sign me up. I hate this stuff SO very much.

Here's hoping you get to stay inside. Even working from home is preferable to having to slog, slip, and slide through the sleet and snow! Just be careful if you do have to drive in to work.

Mama Martha said...

I agree! Little Martha is home sick today and can't enjoy her snow day. The Mr gets the pleasure of having to work from home and take care of the patient. Maybe I'm glad I have to be at work?

sewwhat? said...

Since I work in an educational institution, I'm with SkaterBoy. However, my/our campus closes only under extreme conditions, not for 25 flakes of snow like some schools do. So I had an extremebly bad attitude slip-sliding into work yesterday. Now, today, on my day off, they close the place down. Go figure.