Thursday, January 1, 2009

Demanding to be heard...

Coal is a little persistent.  At 40 pounds and growing every day, he has a way of making his point.  He insists on helping me every time I try to post but I keep telling him to get is own blog if he has so much to say.  Coal's favorite post is "||}}|{{><>?::{>>:" I personally don't get this one, but I'm sure there are some smart Yorkies out there who would totally get this joke!  Since Wylie and Marcel got their own post, Coal is demanding to get his share of the action.  So hear we go with Coal's first meme/tag....

What breed are you?  I thought I was all lab but one day I pointed at something, so mommy thought I might be part pointer.  Ever time I speak, mommy and daddy call me a hound dog. One day we went to visit this really nice man in a white coat and he said I was a mix of all 3. I like being a mixture 'cause I get the best of all 3 breeds!

How old are you? I am exactly 25 weeks old today.  I'm not very good at math so daddy says that means 5 months old.  I don't know what that means either but if daddy says it is so, then I have to believe him.

What is your full name? Coaltrain.  Even though it sounds like I might have been named after the legendary Jazz composer, my mommy and daddy aren't that cool.  I really got my name because of my color and the fact that I am very strong.  Everybody usually just calls me Coal - you know like "All I got for Christmas was a lump of coal"?

Do you have any nicknames?  What is a nickname?  Is that what mommy and daddy always call me?  My nicknames must be "Coal, no!" or "Coal, off!" or mommy's favorite "Stop chewing on me!".

Where do you usually sleep?  When mommy and daddy let me run free, I love sleeping on the couch.  I wait until mommy gets up to go in the other room for something and then I steal her spot 'cause it is all nice and warm!  They bought me my own bed but it is more fun to drag it around the house than to sleep on it!

What is your favorite thing to do?  Daddy has a whole bunch of these things that he puts on his head to cover his fur, I can't remember the real name, but they smell just like my daddy and I love my daddy.  Well anyway, I like to sneak into daddy's room when he isn't paying attention and take one.  I only take one!  Then I prance down the hall and go hide under the dining room table.  It is so funny to watch mommy and daddy try to reach me under there! When they come to one side, I run out the other side and go hide under the tree with all the shiny lights on it.  Daddy has a lot of these things so I can play this game for hours!

What is something interesting/unusual about you? I don't know what this really means but I keep hearing mommy talk about this thing called "spay/neuter" and she says I have to have both.  Yeah!  I get both!  I don't really know what any of that means but she also tells people that I only have one ball and that the other one didn't drop. But she is crazy, I have like 5 different balls and I usually drop the ball when I bring it to her.

Who is your best friend?  There is this guy, he kind of lives in a house by my backyard. Whenever I hear his car or see him come outside, I run over and sit on the hill and give him my most adorable, head tilt look!  It must work because he comes over to me every time! I will just sit there, very quietly, until he gets close enough to pet me and then I run up to him, tail waggin' to get my daily dose of petting!  If I get tangled up on the pole, I just have to sit there and look at him and he will come over and free me up.  Don't tell him, but I can do it myself, but if that means he comes over more often, then I'm all for the pathetic look!

Did you go to obedience school?  I think I'm too young for school but I heard mommy and daddy talking to a lady the other day about sending me to school soon.  I think I'm pretty smart so I don't know why I need to go to school.

Can you do any tricks?  Have you ever seen those Captain Morgan commercials?  I can make mommy strike that pose when she is cooking!  My favorite trick for daddy?  I wait until he isn't looking and I untie his shoes!  And I love to make sure that my boy has his pants appropriately low.  You know how the kids these days wear 'em!

Any last comments?  My mommy and daddy rock!  They sent me to this great doggie hotel for New Year's Eve!  Most dogs would have been stuck at home all alone but I got to go play with some other puppies and have a p-a-r-t-y!

So if any of Coal's friends out there want to be tagged, feel free to join in!!


Ann said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!

"Coaltrain" - adorable name.

Loved the stealing of the "fur caps" that Daddy wears.

And ruh-roh...Wylie had one undescended you-know-what as well. Find a very, very good vet for that dealio - we had a very bad post-surgery situation.

Hugs and kisses and licks to Coal - he is SO HANDSOME!!! :)))

MonkeyGirl said...

Ann - he so busts himself when he steals something, you can tell by the way he prances down the hall that he is up to no good!

His vet is good. They cared for my very ill kitty and they were awesome! I will give him all kinds of hugs and kisses when he comes back from his vacation!

NV said...

This is TOO much. Now Ozzie is trying to get in on the action. Geez.

LOVE the little personality that is coming out. And he is absolutely adorable. Too, too cute that one is. Can't wait to meet him!

sewwhat? said...

The picture is darling. I almost fell out of the chair laughing at the "ball" description! Wonder if Coal will have the same idea about balls AFTER his trip to the vet for spay/neuter?