Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tink went Bye-bye

Last night while baby sitting the M&M's I was looking for ways to keep them busy and happy and away from the crazy puppy that lives in my house.  We locked ourselves in my office with a huge stash of toys and all of my cropping supplies.  Heady from my weekend success at creating a race car of the most awesome proportions, I decided that we could create more race cars together.  

I quickly came to my senses and realized that 4 year old's do not have the patience to cut and assemble 40+ pieces of a race car.  We cut the initial layer of DJ from the movie "Cars" and then he quickly wanted to move on to the next car.  We one layer for Boost. Now he wanted "SnotRod".  In an effort to provide equal time to his sister, we switched from "Cars" to Tinkerbell.  We picked an really cute Tink and cut her out in no time.  All my little princess was worried about was that I didn't rip her Tink and that she had to have "sprinkles".  She carried her Tink to the dinner table and then in the after dinner confusion, she left her on the table.

After the M&M's were safely tucked in the car and headed home, I realized that Tink was still on the table.  No problem, I would just save it for her next visit, right?  Wrong!  Coal apparently thought Tinkerbell looked fun to play with so he snuck her off the table and proceeded to chew up all of Tink except for the tip of her wings that I managed to snatch away from him before he disappeared under the dining room table.

Hopefully, the M&M's have a short memory and won't remember that Tink was left behind - or I guess I could just cut a new one.  No one would be the wiser!  


NV said...

The second I saw the title, I knew Coal was the perp. but, at least it was paper. I was afraid initially that he had consumed a Barbie or something!

sewwhat? said...

I saw the "Cars" results in the dark car when they went home from my house yesterday, couldn't quite figure out what it was, but Little Boy M was sure excited about it. Cricut machine to the rescue, again!

MonkeyGirl said...

NV - Of course Coal was involved in every missing, chewed, hidden incident in my house. Isn't the puppy stage fun- not!

Sewwhat? - He had a list about a mile long of the cars he wanted. Next time, I need to use the markers instead since he won't sit still for 40+ pieces of paper!