Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Peace and quiet....

I don't live in a crazy house.  There are only 3 of us living here and with a college-aged teenager, usually it is only the Mr. and myself at home.  Tonight, everything is almost eerily quiet around here.

It wasn't so this morning.  Mr. M was up before the sun in order to make it work on time.  He is really quiet when he gets up early but because of the snow last night, he let me know he was leaving.  I nodded back off only to be rudely awakened by the most god-awful sound.  I wasn't sure what it was but I was convinced that something was horribly wrong with something in the house.  The walls of my bedroom were vibrating.  All I could think was "This is going to be expensive to fix - whatever this is."

I listened intently and I finally figured out what was making the horrible, earth shaking, screeching sound.  My neighbor, Dr. Evil, was using a snow blower to clean off his driveway.  Now I am all for using mechanical means to clear off snow - we own a monster truck sized blower ourselves.  But this thing sounded like a wounded creature from some other world.  Dr. Evil must have gotten tired on every pass and stopped to rest at the top of his driveway.  Which also happens to be about 5 feet from my once slumbering brain.  I tried to drown out the "wapa-wapa-wapa" sound that was beating a hole into my cerebral cortex, but it wasn't going to work, so I begrudgingly got out of bed.  The vibration, noise and the incredibly dry air have given me a killer headache that will not go away.

But tonight is a completely different story. Mr. Monkeygirl is off bowling with his league tonight and probably won't be home until after I go to bed. Skaterboy is off to check in on his mom who hasn't been feeling well lately. Coal is crashed on the floor in the middle of the room, snoring up a storm.  He gets up ever once in awhile and moves to a different spot, but for most of the night, he has been semi-comatose!

I almost don't know what to do with all of this quiet time.  Fortunately, a new episode of LOST is about to start so I can at least fill up the next hour. Then I might do something odd and go to bed before the evening news!  I am wiped out today.

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