Sunday, November 16, 2008

Monkey Monday - 11.17.08

Yes, I know it isn't Monday yet.  But since I have to fly out of town tomorrow for a business trip, I didn't want to disappoint SoccerMonkey by not posting a monkey.

This crazy safari monkey is named Dan-o.  Please forgive the blurred out slogan on his shirt, but we have to protect the innocent!  Dan-o was actually a give away at one of our conferences.  I didn't attend but I understand that if you attended, you got to dress the part with the safari hat and vest.  I'm so sorry I missed that one! Dan-o came home with one of my coworkers but I had to do some fancy talkin' to get him to give him up.  (Okay, I didn't have to beg much, he parted with it of his own free will).

So wish me luck on my upcoming trip.  I feel horrible and flying with an earache should be so much fun!  Hopefully, the drugs Mr.Monkeygirl got for me will start kicking in soon.  See ya'll later this week - I'm off to the warm desert instead of the freezing cold midwest!

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sewwhat? said...

You poor baby! MonkeyMomma wants to make you some chicken soup. But you won't be able to eat it until the end of the week, hopefully by that time, you'll be on the mend! Have a good trip!