Friday, November 28, 2008

No Way, No How

MEF Nicole is a trooper.  On 3 hours of sleep, she went out shopping.  On Black Friday.  With the mother.  Did I ever tell you that I think she is insane?  I love her to death, but the girl is crazy!

There is no way I'm going shopping today.  I hate crowds.  I hate rude people.  I have very little patience for the hustle and bustle.  I want to go buy a bed for Coal and I don't want to even bother with the traffic surrounding the local pet store.  I know that some people get a charge out of the hunt, it is the thing that puts them in the mood.  Not me.

I am the ultimate procrastinator.  I wait until the last stinkin' minute to do my shopping.  Generally every year I get a call from my credit card company questioning my rampant purchases one after another.  No scam, no fraud, just the great procrastinator doing her thing.  This is the way that I get in the mood.  I think about it all for awhile, process a plan in my mind, then run out at the last minute and buy it all in a couple of hours.  I guess I work better under pressure.

But this year I am going to try to be better.  I'm not shopping for anything today but I will definitely try to start before Christmas eve!


Mama Martha said...

Did you miss the Cricut cartridges at Michael's for $30?

MonkeyGirl said...

Whaaattt? Man I knew I should have looked at the ads. That might have been worth an early morning trip. Did you get any???

Or are you just yanking my chain??

Mama Martha said...

I am NOT yanking your chain. I couldn't do that about something this serious. All cartridges were $29.99 to be exact, not just a select few, older ones, but ALL cartridges. I got Locker Talk which has lots of cool stuff to use when I get around to doing little Martha's school years. There was a new Christmas one, Joys of the Season?, that I told the Mr to pick up for me. I should have called to make sure you knew about this. Sorry