Monday, November 24, 2008

Monkey Monday - with a twist

Today we have a twist.  We do have a new monkey in our house but this time, the monkey doesn't belong to me. The new monkey belongs to Coal.  Who is the heck is Coal, you ask?  Coal is our new puppy!

We have been talking about getting a dog for months.  I was reluctant at first.  But Mr. Monkeygirl was relentless.  He pleaded his case repeatedly - he had hundreds of dogs in the past, it would give him something to do when I traveled, wouldn't it be nice to have a dog curled up at your feet?

Mr. Monkeygirl kept finding the cutest dogs through a local animal rescue group and would show me the pictures.  I finally caved in and gave him my blessing to fill out the adoption papers.  For some reason, he didn't fill out the papers and the puppies kept getting adopted.  He would show people the picture of the dog "he almost had".  

Last week, my sister found a stray dog roaming her neighborhood.  They took the dog to the local animal shelter but let us know that we should go check him out. Mr. Monkeygirl went up after I left town and found out that the owners had already come to claim him.  So much for that one, but Mr. M. did find a little black lab puppy.  We tried to go up to adopt him on Friday but they told us that the owners were coming up to get him.  Undeterred, Mr. M decided to visit the shelter every day after work until the owners picked him up or they let us adopt him.

So we have a new puppy in the house.  I guess I need to stop leaving my shoes on the floor and I need to get him a new collar with bells on it since he likes to sneak up in between your legs when you aren't paying attention.  Skaterboy and Coal are playing tug-o-war right now and I'm not really sure who is winning!


NV said...

Awwww ... How cute is HE?!

Congrats! I just told the Moose that he has a new friend. :-)

sewwhat? said...

Won't he have a great time next summer when the pool opens! Now I have 3 kids, 6 grandkids, and 4 granddogs, and who knows how many grand cats?

Mama Martha said...

He is adorable! We always wanted to have a black lab just so we could name him Coltrane, in honor of the great sax player John Coltrane. Coal is a perect name for this guy. And yes, you better watch all those pretty shoes you have. They make great chew toys.

sewwhat? said...

Which new dog should I visit first? Will sibling rivalry rear its ugly head if I see Coal before M & M's new puppy? What a dilema for the grandmother of new granddogs!

MonkeyGirl said...

All - Thanks!

NV - The moose would rule this guy, but it would be interesting to watch them together!

Sewwhat? - I won't tell if you visit Coal first. Even I haven't seen M&M's new puppy yet. Coal and the M&M's had fun together tonight. All in all, they did pretty well together after the first few minutes.

Mama Martha - That was in the back of my head when I named him although we are spelling it completely wrong. His "real" name is Coaltrain.