Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tail Tale

Tonight I asked the M&M's if they were ready for a surprise. I got an enthusiastic response from the back seat on the way home tonight. Aunt "Bonkeygirl" asked "What do you think the surprise is?" I got all kinds of answers from hotwheels to princess dolls but nothing close to the real surprise.

So I switched tactics..."Your surprise has a tail. What has a tail?" I asked.

Boy M: "Dinosaurs has a tails"  True.  But Aunt Bonkeygirl has no idea where to get a real dino.
Girl M: "Bunny wabbits has tails" Yep, you are right but it is not a bunny either.
Boy M: "Is it a snake?" Uhm, can you classify a snake as having a tail?  I mean it is kind of just one big tail with eyes and teeth, right?  

After trying to explain why I don't like snakes and how snakes move and what happens if you step on one and would it hurt the snake to be squished and why do snakes bite and why it was okay for the kids to be walking in the street when they can't (they were crossing at the crosswalk and they were also at least 13 years old) we tried to focus on the original question again.

Boy M: "A lizard?" Yes, lizards have a tail.  I guess I need to provide another hint or we are never going to get anywhere.

Aunt B: "What has a tail and is furry?"
Girl M: "A kitty-kat!"
Boy M: "A raccoon!" 
Girl M: "A doggie!" Finally, I never thought we would get here!

Yes, Aunt Bonkeygirl got her own puppy and I wanted to prepare them for the chaos of a 3 month old puppy.  I spent the rest of the drive home trying to explain why I had a dog and that it wasn't their dog and why it was ok that they had two dogs and that I wanted my own...oh never mind, it is too hard too explain to a 3 & 4 year old.  It was really cute though to hear Boy M describe their new dog....

"We already had a girl dog so we got a boy dog this time, so I wouldn't be the only boy in the house.  His name was Jason but we gave him a new life so we gave him a new name.  He gets to start over with his new name and I got to pick out his name....."

All in all, it was uneventful.  Coal was hyper but so were the M&M's but they really got along well and Coal only tried a couple of times to chew on their toys or eat their dinner.  The M&M's only tried to play with dog toys a couple of times.  Coal must have had fun because he is now crashed out in the middle of the floor snoring his head off!


NV said...

That's just TOO cute. I love the M&Ms.

MonkeyGirl said...

NV- They are the best!