Monday, November 10, 2008


This past weekend seemed to be a collection of themes (or I think about blog titles too much!).  I was able to get a ton accomplished this weekend - not MEF Nicole worthy but I never claimed to be Superwoman!

On Saturday, my theme was T.  Or more specifically - tires, tile, and trivia.  I only have 20K miles on my car but my tires were shot.  And it made the unmistakable "out of alignment" noise when I drove on the highway.  I figured I had a couple of options - stop driving on the highway, turn up the radio really, really loud, or bite the bullet and buy new tires.  Since they were predicting "icy" weather this week, I decided to quit putting of the inevitable.  After a couple of hours and a huge dent in my wallet, I have a perfectly aligned car that no longer sports racing slicks.  Honestly, tires should cost 3 times your car payment!  Someone is making some money in this economy.  

Now we are on to the tile.  I wish the tile was for some project  at our house, but alas, it's not.  My work twin recently had an encounter with a leaky pipe that left not one but 5-6 holes in her kitchen floor.  On a mission of mercy, I volunteered to pick up the full size samples for her since the flooring store is on my way home. Ceramic tile is heavy!  I picked out my favorites and almost placed them in my kitchen to see which one I liked best!

Work Twin and her sib's invite us to fill out their table at a Trivia night for a local daycare center.  We attended one a few months ago and did pretty good.  This one was impossibly hard - the winning team scored 66 points and that was with 10 mulligans!  We had fun, even though we all left feeling a little dense.  One category was "texting" which we all do so we thought we would rock!  Wrong, we got one right!  Okay, so do you all know what "PIR" means?  What about "MTFBWY"? (that one we knew) Or my favorite "ROTFLUTS"? 

On Sunday I moved on to the L's.  Leaves, laundry and legos.  Mr. M and I tackled the huge leaf pile outside using the tag team approach.  First, the Mr. blew all of the leaves off the roof and out of the gutters and flower beds, then I raked them all into a pile.  Mr. M came back along with the vacuum and sucked them up and I made a final pass with the mower.  It seems like a little overkill but we have learned that leaves kill grass and we have been desperately trying to remove the dirt piles from our yard.  Although, my neighbor D seemed to like the dirt piles.  He only appeared from his house when I was running the mower over the dirt piles and he always teased me about being "PigPen"!

I only managed to do 5 loads of laundry as opposed to MEF's 12, but I guess laundry isn't really a competition sport!  I even managed to "lift" the dust and dirt (ok, cut me some slack, I'm trying to keep with the whole letter theme!) between loads.  When I finally got enough done that I was satisfied with my progress, I went back to my recent favorite pastime - Lego Batman.  You really need to try this as a stress reliever sometime - it really works!


NV said...

WOW! Car, house, and yard maintenance with a mission of mercy thrown in. And you don't think you're worthy? :-)

MonkeyGirl said...

NV - But you would have done it all before noon on Saturday ;-) It took me all weekend to get that all done!